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9 Ways To Maintain Fine Art Prints

Fine art prints and canvas wraps are recreations of digital or handmade artwork. As vibrant as it looks, it requires the right amount of care to stay and look astounding forever. Keeping […]


Epson Stylus Pro 9900 – its Benefits & Uniqueness

With the introduction of Epson Stylus Pro 9900, Epson just decided to up the standard by a few notches. This product that they launched is being viewed as the next generation of photographic printing technology. Their engineers rethought everything to come up with this futuristic printer.


The Evolution Of Printing

The process of printing dates back to 400 years from today. The first kind of prints to be developed were label prints, book prints, letter and seal prints using pressure and image-cut wooden blocks. Then with time, the wood started getting replaced by metal for a cleaner finish and better precision. Printing is the mother of all media as it has been the only means of communicating culture and religion for a very long time.