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Canvas Prints For Architects Designers, Creators, Visionaries

The people who make the world a beautiful place.

And we at PhotoStop love them. We've been designing, creating, and offering Canvas printing for wall art printing for over a decade. But we didn't start out as designers - we started out as artists, with a dream to build something that would make the world a better place for anyone who saw it. And now we're here to help you do just that!

Architect Printing is a great way to add texture and depth to your prints. It's also perfect for adding dimension to your work while still keeping it simple enough to be eye-catching.

Are you looking for the perfect canvas print for your art?

PhotoStop is the world's leading provider of canvas prints for architecture. We offer over 100,000+ high-resolution, customizable canvas prints for architects and designers to use in their work. Our prints are ideal for architectural presentations, marketing materials, or even as part of a branding strategy. The possibilities are endless!

Our team of experts has curated an expansive collection that includes everything from renderings to floor plans to computer-generated models. We also have options for every budget - from affordable prints on standard paper to premium canvases with UV coating and framing options available!

With our easy ordering process and fast turnaround time, you'll be able to get your custom architect canvas prints delivered right to your doorstep in just four days or less!

Are you an architect or designer?

Need a unique theme to translate your client’s brand vision as prints?

Do you want to create a canvas print for the architect's design concept? (Replace with Need a unique theme to translate your client's brand vision as prints?)

Now is the time to turn your architectural design ideas into stunning prints. Order your canvas prints from PhotoStop today! We have a wide range of options for every budget, whether you're looking for canvas prints for your home or business. And we can even help you design the piece that will make your home or office stand out from the rest.

We offer high-quality canvas prints at affordable prices, so now is the perfect time to get started on creating a beautiful piece of art!

Just as you have imagined

Advantages of PHOTOSTOP

  • We use one of the most sought-after Epson printers and Inks
  • World-standard imported printing machines with advanced functionalities
  • 11-color printing machines give you the widest spectrum colour transformation
  • Ultra Chrome Inks with HDX Technology
  • Super high-definition giclee aka archival prints
  • Guaranteed to last and stay intact for over 50 plus years
Don't take our word for it.

Here's what our Clients Say

Architect Arjun M Nambiar

Honeycomb Creative has been a reliable partner for our company’s digital Fine-Art print requirements in interior design projects. Working with them is always an uncomplicated experience. They provide excellent customer service and we have been so impressed with their level of expertise and responsiveness. They set a benchmark in customer service. There have been several occasions where we have been in a bind for something, and they have always been able to take care of getting our products to us in a timely fashion.

Mr. Sreekumar K B, thank you for working with us on such a tight turnaround, we greatly appreciate it! We will definitely be reaching out for our future map needs down the road.

Deepak Bhatija

As an Architect, I have been very particular about value for money a product would offer. We placed an order of an artistic world map printed on archival media, the end product was awesome and so as my clients appreciated too. I recommend fine and detailed printing which Honeycomb offers their customers.
Arch. Deepakk Bhatija

Chief Architect K M Shetty

We have been working with ‘PHOTOSTOP’

We are happy with their Service, Commitment to Quality, passion for perfection reflects in their work.

The above quality should help them to sustain and grow.

Ramya Balasubramanian

The team at Photostop is a delight to work with. They are quick, have an exceptional eye for detail, are very well informed in their domain and will give you the best advice when it comes to printing your works of art. Their personalized service is unmatched. I cannot recommend them enough. If you have a piece of art or photograph that needs to be printed, search no further.


If you're looking for a new way to breathe life into your work, canvas printing might be the answer!

Give us an idea, and we'll bring it to life on canvas. Print your architectural designs with us today!

Let's Have Some Fun
With Giclee

Pick A Medium. Pick A Frame. Pick A Format. Pick Your Style. Or, Tell Us Your Vision. And Done.

Colors identical to original piece- Never fades with time

Handpicked frames

Short delivery time

We help you choose the right substraits

Colours that match your expectations

Delivery across India

Our wide range of hand-picked
archival canvases

  • Hahnemuhle Daguerre Canvas
  • ILFORD Galerie Fine Art Canvas Galicia
  • Canson Museum Pro Canvas
  • Felix Schoeller Canvas

Our wide range of hand-picked
archival fine art prints

  • Hahnemuhle German Etching Art Paper
  • ILFORD Galerie Textured Cotton Rag
  • Canson Edition Etching Fine Art Paper
  • Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper
  • Epson Enhanced Matte Paper

Canvas Wrap

Print with Frame

Print with White Border

Only Print

Print with Courier Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide variety of print sizes. Also custom sized prints. Price starts from Rs.310/- for Media and Printing. Check our rate card here: For more information mail us at sreekumar@honeycombindia.net or please check our rate card for more information on pricing

Preferred Resolution is 200-300 dpi at actual required dimension. If you don't have the same, please send us the image you have. We will evaluate and confirm this with you. Save all photos in RGB format.

Avoid low resolution images from the internet.

Note: If you are unable to save your image in RGB mode, please call our expert.

Photostop have a wide range of print sizes to offer.

Minimum fine art print size: 8 inches x 12 inches.

Maximum fine art print size: 42 inches x 100 inches.

Each order is unique. If it is printed on fine art paper, the print would be ready on the same day. For print on canvas, it would take approximately 24-48 hours. If framing or gallery wrap is required, it would take a minimum of 3 working days depending on the quantity of the job. Overall to reach you it will take about 3-7 working days.

Yes. You can purchase, download and give it to us. We also have a subscription with Adobe stock. We can help you to download. Purchase cost is applicable.

The payment can be made through UPI id. You can pay us through the following UPI id, Honeycomb@sbi

Of course you can, we would love to see you in person!

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