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Fine art and photo printing

A moment that takes your breath away, when your gaze falls on a creation of sublime beauty- that is at the heart of many artworks. Fine art prints bring you closer to such moments. These quality prints are crafted using archival gradient inks on acid-free papers, frequently using inkjet printers.

Why should you choose fine art prints?

Fine art prints are unparalleled in terms of color, precision, and attention to detail. Further, they are highly durable, lasting for decades with the right materials. Short of owning original artwork, they are the best way to adorn your walls with masterpieces that delight the heart and stir your soul.

How do we ensure the best prints?

Among the print variants used by Photostop is Giclee- widely considered the best printing technology in the world. This is made possible using the Epson Surecolor SC-P9000, SC-P9530 & SC-P20070 color printers that produce a wide spectrum of colors. Meanwhile, we use printing mediums from such esteemed brands as Hahnemuhle, Felix Schoeller & Epson.

Which archival media do we use for fine art printing?

When it comes to fine art prints, India has multiple options. But a key factor that makes us stand out is our selection of hand-picked archival media.

Canvas variants:Hahnemuhle Daguerre Canvas and Felix Schoeller Canvas

Fine art paper variants:Hahnemuhle German Etching Art Paper, ILFORD Galerie Textured Cotton Rag Paper, Felix Schoeller True Rag Etching Paper, Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper, Epson Enhanced Matte Paper.

Which spaces and professionals can benefit from fine art prints?

  • Photographers
  • Artists
  • Travellers
  • Curators
  • Museum Owners
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Art Galleries
  • Restaurants
  • Office space and
  • Home Interiors

How can I get a fine art print?

You can simply place an order online or visit our studios in Bangalore and Mumbai and get it delivered to your door.

Canvas photo prints As the name suggests, these are high-quality prints created on canvas. They form an extremely durable way to preserve images that can be cherished by generations. Using special inks and UV-resistant coating, they last for decades without any significant fading. We provide impeccable canvas variants and printing technologies to match their allure. The results are prints sought out for their elegance and enduring quality.

Framing for canvas prints

It is said that half the beauty of a print lies in its frame. That may be an exaggeration but there is no denying that a carefully chosen frame enhances a print’s beauty. The thickness, color, texture, and design of frames are all significant factors in this regard.

To cater to varied prints, we bring frames of multiple sizes and framing/ packing materials. Be it a classical or contemporary style you want, with frames ranging from traditional to box-styled, we have the right option for you.

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For creators: Bring your unique vision vibrantly alive

The reasons to create are many- capture the beauty, highlight social issues, articulate in colors what cannot be said in words, and more. But no matter your underlying vision, we help you bring it to life with world-class printing technology and materials. A reason why we are the preferred printing partner for the following categories of creators.







installation artists & sculptors




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